Pulitzers Okay With Internet-Only Qualifications

It’s always a little endearing to see old people warm up to technology, so it’s heartening that the gatekeepers of the Pulitzer Prize broadening their view of news media.

Last year, Columbia finally allowed entries from online-only sites that focused on breaking news; last week, they opened up the door to include blogs and the like.

Today, they named POLITICO Executive Editor Jim VandeHei to the Pulitzer Prize Board. He’s the first member from a primarily online outlet. (POLITICO does have a paper product, but it’s only in D.C. and the circulation is pretty low.)

Mr. VandeHei is fit for the job, since he’s an old-media type who successfully adapted to the internet. 

“We’re mostly a bunch of newspaper hacks,” he told the Observer last year.

  Pulitzers Okay With Internet-Only Qualifications