Putz of the Week/Mensch of the Week 12.10.09

This is an absolute first here at Putz of the Week/Mensch of the Week.We have a Democrat as Putz, and a Republican as Mensch. Marriage equality is the issue of the day. And here are two sides of the same issue.

Senator Bill Baroni represents the 14th District in the upper house and was brave enough to be a stand out from his Republican Party.

This is no easy feat for someone who wants to run for statewide office in the future. He was the sole Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote to support marriage equality, as he said, “I am proud to be the first member of the legislature to vote for marriage equality.”—to a one minute standing ovation.

For this courageous act, especially in the wake of a big Republican gubernatorial win, he is our Mensch of the Week.

Senator John A. Girgenti is the Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate, somewhere third in command behind Codey and Sweeney. His vote on Democratic issues should be a lock. But not this time.

On marriage equality, he could not be counted on. Girgenti serves on the Law and Public Safety and Veterans' Affairs, where he is the Chair. On the Judiciary, he is Vice-Chair. So, you can see, he has amassed great power as a Democrat.

Alas, as Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker in “Spiderman”—- "With great power comes great responsibility." Senator, I am sure you voted your conscience, in voting against marriage equality. However, this time you were wrong. The Democrats will need your vote on Thursday to support equality. It’s what we do.

But for now, Senator John A. Girgenti, you’re the Putz of The Week for voting against the Democratic Party.

Putz of the Week/Mensch of the Week 12.10.09