Reshuffling the Council

Right now, there are 42 committees and subcommittees in the 51-member body that is the New York City Council. Nearly a dozen of those committee chairmanships are being vacated, thanks to some upheaval from this year’s elections. Add that to the fact that Republicans are more than doubling their representation (well, from two to five) and you can see a scenario in which a Republican could actually stake a claim to a committee chairmanship.

But Frank Lombardi floats the prospect that Christine Quinn may reduce the number of committees in the City Council.

Republican Leader Jimmy Oddo is taking it in stride. In an email to me this morning, he said his caucus didn’t ask Quinn to appoint any of its members to chair a committee, and they don’t expect to get one.

Also, it’s the cutback proposal that they could enthusiastically embrace. For one, reducing the number of committees means there are fewer chairmanships, and less staff and “lulus” to be handed out. What Republican would oppose that kind of fiscal restraint?

And, having fewer committees means fewer hearings, and more time for those newly elected Republicans to spend in their districts.

Reshuffling the Council