Robach: I Might Be Interested in a Chair

ALBANY—State Senator Joe Robach returned my call to say he would be “interested” in becoming a committee chairman, but denied anything substantive had been offered.

“I had a loose discussion with someone on the floor the other week,” Robach, a Rochester Republican, told me by phone. “Nothing really formally has been discussed. It’s out there in the media ahead of anything substantial.”

Robach was named as possibly biting at a Democrat-led bid to stabilize their majority by reaching across party lines. It’s unclear which committee he might chair–Robach said the discussions didn’t go that far. He gave this non-quote when I tried to wring details from him about his “interest.”

“My interest, while I try to work with everybody, would only be in something that would help me further the best interests of my constituents,” Robach said. Robach: I Might Be Interested in a Chair