Roque falls short in effort to recall Vega

WEST NEW YORK – Town Clerk Carmela Riccie moments ago told Dr. Felix Roque that he did not submit a sufficient number of petitions to force a recall election with Mayor Silverio "Sal" Vega.

"She's saying we're 2,500 short," Roque told "I'm fighting the same thing Christie's fighting – the corruption. The only difference is I'm fighting this myself. How can 6,000 signatures be wrong?"

The clerk's office a few minutes later asserted that Roque is 1,800 signatures short.

Roque mobilized a group of supporters this morning and marched to Town Hall only to learn that Riccie discovered a sufficient number of uncertifiable signatures among the 6,000 Roque submitted earlier this month.

"She said she would soon issue a formal statement," said Roque ally Heidy Quintero.

"They've got some dead people on some petitions," said Vega spokesman Paul Swibinski. "It's a fraud, as we said. We're calling on Felix Roque to reimburse the taxpayers of the $100,000 wasted in this farce."

The would-be challenger and his followers spilled out onto the front steps of Town Hall after talking to Riccie.

"As a citizen soldier, my main focus is 'readiness for the mission and taking care of my troops,'" said Roque, a medical doctor and commander in the U.S. Army. "As the leader of this movement, 'Together we can,' my mission will be the same." Roque falls short in effort to recall Vega