Sarlo: prepare for a long night

TRENTON — Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are preparing for a late night.

Shortly before the committee took up debate on marriage equality, its chairman state Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Wood-ridge), said that he expects testimony to last as much as eight hours.

“Many people have waited a long time for this bill to be hard and taken a day off from work,” said Sarlo, who is on the record as personally opposed to the legislation. “Those who want to be heard are going to heard today, so we can be here long into the evening.”

When he opened the discussion, Sarlo did not argue for or against the legislation. Instead, he admonished those in attendance to refrain from clappin, cheering or any emotional outbursts.

"Everyone's position deserves respect, compassion and understanding," he said. “…Let’s show the nation and let’s show the world that New Jersey citizens are capable of having an honest and intelligent debate about a social issue of immense importance.”

Sarlo: prepare for a long night