Schneiderman Raises, With DiNapoli

ALBANY—State Senator Eric Schneiderman will kick off the start of the legislative session with a fund-raiser at the house of Meredith Kane, his law school classmate.

The event will take place on January 7, the day after David Paterson delivers his State of the State address. Democratic Senate Leader John Sampson is also launching a fund-raising blitz in January, but is asking far more–$5,000 a head at his Manhattan event–than Schneiderman’s $250.

Featured as a “special guest” at the event is Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. In the past, Richard Ravitch has appeared at a Schneiderman fund-raiser as he lays the groundwork for a possible run for attorney general.

Schneiderman / DiNapoli Schneiderman Raises, With DiNapoli