Scott Murphy and Republicans Spar on Stimulus, Still

Scott Murphy still supports economic stimuli. Republicans are still attacking him for it.

Murphy voted last night to spend $150 billion in, as Murphy said in a release, “immediate investments to improve our crumbling infrastructure and create good-paying jobs right here at home.”

Democrats call the bill the Jobs for Main Street Act; as the Washington Post notes, it has no Senate companion and is almost entirely symbolic. The National Republican Congressional Committee is calling it the “Son of Stimulus,” and attacking Murphy (and other marginal Democrats in New York like Eric Massa, John Hall and Tim Bishop) for their affirmative votes as a “spending crusade” that “is burying middle-class New York families under mountains of debt.”

“Before even being elected to Congress, Scott Murphy came out in favor of the first stimulus,” said Joe Sciarrino, an NRCC spokesman. “Now that he was able to cast an actual vote, it looks like he waited until the last minute to gauge the political winds and hand Pelosi a victory.  Not exactly the type of conviction voters want in their elected officials.  But still, he’s willing to double down on round two even though New Yorkers are still waiting for the first stimulus to create jobs.”

Murphy’s special election win over Assemblyman Jim Tedisco was largely seen as a referendum on the newly elected Obama and the economic stimulus plan he guided though Congress last winter. Tedisco–who is mulling another run against Murphystalled before finally coming out against the stimulus package as “porkulous.” These attacks are a harbinger for Murphy’s 2010 re-election battle.

Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for Murphy, said his position remains clear.

“As he has been since day one, Congressman Murphy remains focused on creating jobs in Upstate New York and working to turn our economy around,” he said. “Whether its projects to improve our infrastructure like the $49 million in broadband funds announced today, or the Small Business Administration loan workshops he’s held, his top priority remains fighting to create jobs for the people of the 20th district.” Scott Murphy and Republicans Spar on Stimulus, Still