VSL// Read famous correspondence (you were never supposed to see)

Before the next time you email, tweet or update your Facebook status, we’d like to call your attention to Letters of Note, a terrific site that, in its own words, is “an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.” Mission accomplished!

Shaun Usher, a freelance writer, started the site in September and has already amassed a treasure trove of correspondence: Joe Strummer’s opinion of the Boss (“Bruce is Great … If you don’t agree with that you’re a pretentious Martian from Venus”); a 1957 letter from J.D. Salinger to a producer explaining why he won’t sell the film rights to Catcher in the Rye; Hunter S. Thompson’s scathing fax to a studio executive (it begins, “Okay, you lazy bitch”); and, our personal favorite, David Bowie’s 1967 typed thank-you reply to his first piece of American fan mail. With every entry, there’s a scan of the original document, along with a transcript for easier reading. We promise, it is every bit as interesting as your Twitter.

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