Skelos: Sue the Health Care Bill

ALBANY—Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos is calling on New York to join a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the health care bill under consideration by the U.S. Senate.

“If such an action is pursued, New York should join with these states to protect the best interests of our taxpayers who stand to lose more than $1 billion from the proposed health care reform legislation,” Skelos wrote in a letter to David Paterson and Andrew Cuomo. “An unfair federal Medicaid reimbursement level already shortchanges our state.  And now, because of a questionable vote-buying deal, that burden could increase significantly.  If it takes legal action by the states to prevent such clear discrimination then I urge both of you to support such a suit.”

Paterson has said he was disappointed in the bill, which is being supported by both of New York’s senators. Another Republican leader, Saratoga County Chairman Jasper Nolan, told me yesterday the legislation is the result of “bribing” senators.

Skelos’ full letter is below.

Skelos Medicaid

Skelos: Sue the Health Care Bill