Source: Liu Restaffing Comptroller’s Office

A source in the city comptroller’s office said staffers there were told nearly all of them are going to be replaced starting December 31.

Staffers with “protected titles” will not be replaced, according to this source.

The news was delivered to current staffers by Bill Thompson on Friday, according to this source. A spokesman for Thompson declined to comment.

During the campaign, Liu took delight in saying he thought Thompson had been a good comptroller, but that he would be an even better one. 

Already, Liu has set up a web site for people looking for jobs, and a spokesman for him had said earlier they were looking nationwide for top fiscal experts, but also looking to fill all sorts of positions in the office.

Thompson has generally gotten good marks as comptroller, but his office has been criticized for having lots of politically connected employees. One employee is the brother of Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who endorsed Thompson. And some are connected to the Brooklyn Democratic County Organization, through whose ranks Thompson (and to some degree his father) rose.

I’m waiting to hear back from a spokesman for Liu.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Liu, Sharon Lee, said they invited many of the current staffers “to reapply” for their positions. “This is something that happens with the change of any administration” and many in the office “serve at the pleasure of the comptroller-elect,” she said.

Lee declined to comment on who specifically will be kept on board, saying the process was still underway.

  Source: Liu Restaffing Comptroller’s Office