Sources: State Senate House Cleaning

ALBANY—The axe is falling in the State Senate, sources say.

As John Sampson consolidates his leadership over the chamber–he became the Democratic “conference leader” during an abortive coup this summer and now generally controls things in the chamber without a meaningful title–he is clearing out several Republican holdovers, as well as some people appointed by Senator Malcolm Smith (who’s in California).

A Democratic Senate source said some terminations have already happened, and that more will come “over the course of the next few weeks.” The only name I’ve heard for sure is Frank Patience, who was director of the personnel and has been with the Senate since Joe Bruno was majority leader.

Bill Beach, the director of operations for the chamber, has been re-assigned, according to two sources.

The changes occurred after the session closed.

— Azi Paybarah contributed reporting. Sources: State Senate House Cleaning