Stack abstention on Fargo was a shot at Sacco

Noteworthy in the Senate Judiciary Committee's refusal to approve the reappointment of quadruple-dipper Nicholas Fargo to the Hudson County Board of Taxation was the abstention of State Sen. Brian Stack. The word is that Stack, who is also the Mayor of Union City, was fine to see the GOP kill Fargo's nomination because Fargo is allied with State Sen. Nicholas Sacco, the Mayor of North Bergen and these days a rival in the world of Hudson County politics. Now Stack has made his point, and as The Record's Charles Stile said in his column today, watch for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo to reconsider the Fargo nomination next week with Stack (who has signed off on Fargo before the governor submitted his name to the Senate) voting yes. Sarlo is also the Mayor of Wood-Ridge, where Fargo works as Chief Financial Officer and as treasurer of the local school board.

The Fargo nomination is just one instance of what appears to be a deeply divided Democratic Party following the defeats of Gov. Jon Corzine (and Senate President Richard Codey) last month. Democrats are split, albeit not evenly, over marriage equality, and can't even agree over the details of a movement to change the way U.S. Senate vacancies are filled.

Republicans have some divisions as well. The Republican State Committee will hold their first meeting since the election of a GOP governor tonight, and Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose (R-Franklin) has asked to speak in support of a resolution to adopt the Republican National Committee’s platform. McHose is also expected to seek party support for a statewide referendum on same sex marriage. Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains), the Republican State Chairman, is expected to ask party leaders to table the resolutions and instead form a five-member policy committee that would develop their own platform. Stack abstention on Fargo was a shot at Sacco