Stalking Celebrities Gets Slightly More Difficult

New York City will stop holding weekly public viewings of film shoot permits, reports Bloomberg. A city spokeswoman said that the decision to end the 15-plus year policy sprang from concerns over space constraints and stolen documents.

Those who make their livings photographing celebrities are not pleased:

“There are so many projects in New York, so that’s why you go to the mayor’s office,” said [Steve] Sands, who sported the paparazzo’s typical unshaven face and disheveled hair. “Now the city is going to make it hard for us to find this information. They’re taking away our rights.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Sands and his rights, not even all paparazzi find paparazzi sympathetic:

“What the city is doing isn’t right,” said [James] Devaney, who has been photographing celebrities for 12 years. “Then again, film shoots have gotten really crowded, so I kind of wondered why it took so long for them to do this.”

Stalking Celebrities Gets Slightly More Difficult