Staten Island’s Donovan: ‘I’m Exploring’ An AG Run

ALBANY—Dan Donovan, the Republican district attorney from Staten Island, says he’s “processing” advice and is “exploring” a run for attorney general, should Andrew Cuomo decide he’s not going to seek re-election to the office.

“I’ve sought out the counsel of some people whose opinions I trust,” Donovan told me by phone this afternoon. “Others who I have not met in the past have been kind enough to invite me to speak to me about the possibility of running and share with me their reasons why they think this might be good for me but would be good for the people of the State of New York, and I’m processing all of this information to help me come to a right decision.”

Last week, Donovan attended the Albany County Republican Committee’s holiday party at the posh Fort Orange Club where, according to one attendee I spoke with, there was a lot of “buzz” about him running.

He just completed a stint as head of the statewide District Attorneys Association–the current head, Warren County’s Kate Hogan, was also at the holiday party and may also be a statewide candidate.

Donovan told me he has spoken to Rudy Giuliani–who publicly urged him to run this summer–in addition to Mike Long, Frank MacKay, Ed Cox and other Republican officials around the state. He realizes he’ll have to make a decision soon.

“They say you make a decision when it’s right. In a race that costs millions of dollars, the more time you have to raise that money the better. If people are going to contribute to a campaign, there has to be a campaign. So I suspect the decision has to be made sooner rather than later, but I haven’t put a deadline on it,” he said. “I do know that the longer it takes me to make the decision the more difficult it is going to be to raise the funds.”

“My main goal would be to instill in our people and our citizens of the state the belief in their elected officials integrity, and that there are elected officials they can trust,” he said.

I asked Donovan if he would run against Cuomo.

“No,” he said flatly. “I don’t think there is a candidate out there who could beat Attorney General Cuomo.” Staten Island’s Donovan: ‘I’m Exploring’ An AG Run