The Cubicle Queue: Taxi Driver, Baby Johnny Depp, New Yorker ‘Path Lights’ and More!

Tired of clicking around YouTube and iTunes for online videos of substance? Search no more! The Observer has your weekly handy guide to what’s worth watching on the Web.

Taxi Driver on Hulu — Taxi Driver needs no introduction. Put one of Martin Scorsese’s best in your Hulu queue for one of those dark, wintery nights.

21 Jump Street on Hulu — If you’re looking for something a little lighter, there’s three seasons of baby-faced Johnny Depp and a gaggle of young rookies playing undercover cops at high schools and sometimes colleges to fight crime. Look for bonus cameos from Brad Pitt, Christina Applegate, Vince Vaughn, Rosie Perez, Jason Priestley, Josh Brolin, Blair Underwood and more!

Path Lights — Path Lights, based on Tom Drury’s 2005 New Yorker short story, is a plucky, thoughtful film that remixes the classic detective hero movie. John Hawkes (of Eastbound & Down and Me and You and Everyone We Know fame) plays Bobby, a guy who does voiceovers for an audio detective series. When a beer bottle falls from the sky, just missing his noggin, he decides to find out where it came from. David Lynch Foundation Television is hosting the 22-minute film for one week only, Dec. 2 through Dec. 9, before it makes the film festival rounds in 2010.

Can you throw a no-hitter on LSD? Dock Ellis did — As our sister from the same mister newsletter Very Short List points out, in 1970 “one major leaguer threw a no-hitter while high on acid and Benzedrine.” Dock Ellis & the LSD No-No is the hilarious animated short that tells this truly incredible tale. Check it out.

Here Come The Waves: The Hazards Of Love Visualized — The Decemberists, that twee band that sometimes makes good, poppy rock music, just released a full-length “video album” called Here Come The Waves: The Hazards Of Love Visualized. It’s available on iTunes and it’s the first of this new breed of digital art for Apple’s retailer. Four filmmakers—Peter Sluszka, Julia Pott, Guilherme Marcondes and Santa Maria—created original animated shorts with a section of the album as the soundtrack. Check out the official trailer.

The Cubicle Queue: Taxi Driver, Baby Johnny Depp, New Yorker ‘Path Lights’ and More!