The District to Blame for That Gay Marriage Vote

By virtue of the spelling of his last name, Queens State Senator Joseph Addabbo was the second person to answer the slow roll call vote on gay marriage yesterday, and Mr. Addabbo’s “No” might have been the signal that the measure was going down, freeing other senators to vote against it without any fear that they’d be blamed for sinking the bill.

And, if that’s really the case, the blame lies squarely on parts of Maspeth, Glendale, Woodhaven, Ozone Park, and Howard Beach. In a press conference this morning, Mr. Addabbo said that “74 percent” of his constituents told him they opposed the bill, and he was just voting the will of the people. So those still looking for someone to blame should consider District 15.

Mr. Addabbo, for his part, rejected the notion that his own vote was instrumental in the bill’s big 38-24 defeat. “Here, I truly represented equal rights for all,” Mr. Addabbo said, pointing to City Hall, where he once supported certain gay rights measures as a city councilman. “I still do. But this transcends the idea of equal rights.” The District to Blame for That Gay Marriage Vote