Thompson’s Campaign Bill: $9,003,711

$9,003,711 is the amount Bill Thompson spent on his campaign, which came within a few percentage points of beating Michael Bloomberg’s $102 million re-election campaign. That’s according to the latest campaign finance numbers Thompson filed.

In his latest filing period, Thompson spent $1,040,000 on television ads, along with $309,887 on consultants.

Among Thompson’s notable expenditures is $400 for a makeup artist Sue Crystal. A campaign spokesman said it was for the debte in El Barrio, whose television sponsor, New York 1, did not offer the candidates makeup before appearing on air.

Thompson also raised $243,465 in the final days of the campaign. Late campaign money came in from Andrew Wolf, publisher of The Riverdale Review. He donated $88 on October 20. In an email, Wolf explained why he donated: “I was so incensed by the disgusting and unfair negative campaign by Bloomberg and the hugely disproportionate resources put up against Thompson, that I felt compelled to do this small part in helping to even the playing field — as a civic duty.”

 Other contributors include the campaign committee for Rep. Joe Crowley, the Queens County Democratic leader. He donated $4,950 on October 22. Anthony Weiner’s campaign also donated on $4,950 on October 29, the day Thompson’s pollster released numbers saying the race was tightening.

On that one day, Thompson’s campaign raised $27,214.

The Campaign Finance Board estimated that Thompson has  $343,537  left on hand. That’s not counting expenses he has to pay, like fines for posting illegal signs. Thompson’s Campaign Bill: $9,003,711