Today in Local Sports Coverage: A Lump of Coal

The Daily News completed a Mets double play on its back cover this morning.

A day after declaring the Mets were “SCROOGED!” by missing out on aces John Lackey and Roy Halladay, the Daily News followed with GM Omar Minaya in a Santa outfit over the red and green headline: “HO! HO! HOPELESS!”

The Mets had their holiday party yesterday, hence the Christmas theme. Was the paper setting itself up for today’s paper with yesterday’s headline? Hard to say, but it sort of feels that way.

In any case, they milk the party where they can. To wit:

Jose Reyes actually had some good news to report Tuesday at Citi Field: The Mets’ shortstop didn’t hurt himself handing out Christmas gifts to kids.

The Post, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care about the party, and they write a pretty straight story without any real digs at Reyes’ pronouncement. Not surprisingly, both papers bury Minaya. The Post calls him “blindly optimistic” and John Harper says he’s no longer a “big-game hunter.”

The Times runs the Day Two story I was looking for, questioning the Phillies’ logic of giving up one Cy Young winner for another.

Your tabloids each cover the Jets’ D. Mark Cannizzaro has the numbers for Rex Ryan’s number-one ranked unit, while Rich Cimini makes the case for Darrelle Revis as the team’s MVP. It’s hard to argue with the praise for Ryan or Revis, although Cannizzaro notes that–given the otherworldly D–the team’s record could be better than it is.

The Knicks didn’t bother playing defense down the stretch last night, and the Nets’ Devin Harris played his own defense a little too tough against Cleveland. Naturally, this leads to questions about whether Lebron James was upset by it. Today in Local Sports Coverage: A Lump of Coal