Today in Local Sports Coverage: Excited About Nothing

The Jets are really making your tabloids work this week. No crying, no benchings, no bluster, not even a hot dog. Tim Smith likes it.

Sshhh! Here that sound?

No. Listen closely. Do you hear it now?

It’s the sound of silence. It is the best sound coming out of the Jets this week.

(Sic, obviously.)

And nothing happened in the one-team sweepstakes for Jason Bay, so your tabloids are forced into putting minor offseason baseball news on the back cover.

The Post goes with Matt Holliday, and tries to convince you that the Yankees don’t have any money to sign the outfielder, which is basically a fallacy taking down a straw man in the service of an outrageous lie. Of course the Yankees have money. Just like they did last year, when Brian Cashman convinced the ownership that they ought to spend a few extra bucks to sign Andy Pettitte. A self-imposed spending limit is only hard-and-fast until it isn’t, particularly when you’re talking about THE YANKEES. Bottom line: They just don’t seem to want Holliday at the current asking price, and probably never did. 

The Daily News puts Johnny Damon on the back, and surmises that the Yankees’ impending deal for DH Nick Johnson means Damon won’t be back. Damon is kind of ambivalent about the whole thing.

Will Nate Robinson be back for the Knicks? Mike D’Antoni won’t say if he’ll put the diminutive guard back in the lineup anytime soon. But if he does, it won’t be because he’s a moral person. “I’d play Satan himself if I could win. I got no morals or scruples.”

So basically this morning it’s a little like reading a bunch of stories about how average the weather has been lately. Or actually, no. That would be funnier.
Today in Local Sports Coverage: Excited About Nothing