Today in Local Sports Coverage: Grand Narrative

Your sports pages are abuzz with the somewhat exciting news that the Yankees traded for Detroit outfield Curtis Granderson yesterday. Both your tabloids run Granderson on the back cover, and spill an awful lot of ink inside, for a guy who hit .249 last year. (In fairness, he did hit 30 home runs and make the All-Star team.)

The Post says the Yankees hit the “winter jackpot,” but Joel Sherman wonders whether Granderson will be clutch enough. In the Daily News, Bill Madden says the Yankees aren’t actually any better just for having gotten Granderson.

That’s because Granderson is the very antithesis of what the Yankees have stood for, going all the way back to the early ’90s when Gene Michael began loading up on players who would take a walk, go deep into counts and put the ball in play.

Meanwhile, John Harper worries that the Granderson deal might push Toronto ace Roy Halladay into the arms of the Red Sox. The Post is less concerned, and runs a story about how the Yankees are still in the hunt for Halladay.

The Post also checks in on Rex Ryan, in order to understand the secret to the coach’s “Rex-cess”. Ryan’s team is only 6-6, but Mark Cannizzaro isn’t so much concerned with that, preferring to focus instead on the Jets’ defense, which was first in the league until last night.

“Part of playing good defense is making in-game adjustments,” linebacker Larry Izzo said. “It’s pretty evident that Rex and his staff have a lot of experience and know how to decipher things quickly as far as what we need to do to adjust.”

Ryan, it should be noted, has made fewer in-game adjustments on offense, where Mark Sanchez has registered games with 3, 4 and 5 interceptions, respectively. Also, he derided the execrable Miami Dolphins for beating his team in their first meeting with a gimmicky offense. Then Ryan’s Jets lost to the Dolphins, and their gimmicky offense, again. Today in Local Sports Coverage: Grand Narrative