Today in Local Sports Coverage: ‘Knucklehead’ Buckles Knee

The beat writers must love this Jets team. The same week Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez takes a sliding lesson from Yankees managed Joe Girardi, Sanchez dives for a third-quarter first down–instead of sliding–and hurts his knee. 

Sanchez’s folly makes for an easy back cover, and an easy story with an easy Girardi-themed lead. Both your tabloids run with it, and they both use the same basic quotes: Ryan calling Sanchez a “knucklehead,” and saying “I love the kid, but he has to grow up and understand that he represents our entire organization.” I thought the Young-Guy-Has-To-Understand-He-Represents-Us line was usually reserved for p.r. disasters–like a post-game DUI or, say, an accidental shooting–but maybe Ryan’s on to something else. After all, it’s not reflecting particularly well on the organization that they traded up to draft a guy who needs a stoplight color system not to heave up easy picks. It’ll be interesting to hear which of the Tough Guy, Maybe-I’m-Old-School talking heads celebrate Sanchez for this and which ones bury him.

The sports sections are pretty similar this morning. Both run stories on the injured and probably overmatched Giants needing to summon their hatred to beat the Cowboys this week. And both have obligatory Knicks and Nets stories. But that’s why we’ve got columnists.

Steve Serby does his thing this morning, reprinting an exchange he (I mean, the Post) had with Giants defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. I’ve trimmed it down to “the Post’s” questions:

Post: “One of the criticisms has been that you’re not emotional enough. In the wake of [ex-coordinator] Steve Spagnuolo being very emotional.”

Post: “Has the job been more difficult than you thought it would be replacing a guy as beloved as Spagnuolo?”

Post: “Have you second-guessed yourself a lot?”

Post: “Do you think you’ve done a good job?”

These are the kinds of questions you get when your defensive unit isn’t play so well.

Meanwhile, in the Daily News, Filip Bondy is all riled up that the Mets’ ticket plans are too confusing.

Today in Local Sports Coverage: ‘Knucklehead’ Buckles Knee