Today in Local Sports Coverage: Which Receiver to Cover

Which is bigger news: Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards saying “we won’t lose this game,” or Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco saying he’s going to score on Darrelle Revis, don a fireman’s hat while sitting atop the goal posts, and make the Jets’ crowd chant “O-C-H-O”?

The Post thinks the former and calls Edwards “BROADWAY BRAYLON.” Mike Vaccarro says Edwards’ quote–combined with a win–would validate all of Rex Ryan’s bluster.

Ryan?….He’s loud, he’s proud. He has a gut that looks like he’d be familiar with a tailgate gathering, a self-confidence that all but bellows “New Bleepin’ York!” There are a lot of reasons to hope the dominoes keep falling properly for the Jets. Justifying Rex Ryan’s ways may not be the biggest one. But it’s a good one.

But I’m with the Daily News on this one. Maybe if Edwards had affirmatively guaranteed a win then I could see it, but he only negated the possibility of losing, which isn’t nearly as strident. Meanwhile, Ochocinco gave one of the great conference calls of all time. Witness:

Master Lock Revis has put a lot of great receivers on him this season.  That will not happen this upcoming (week).  Darrelle Revis couldn’t come at me in a brown paper bag on a corner of a Manhattan street in a phone booth.  It’s impossible. 

How good was this call? The Daily News gives this nearly three pages of coverage and one of my favorite quotes doesn’t even make it:

A lot of people will talk about the Pro Bowl.  “Chad you didn’t make the Pro Bowl.”  I don’t care.  What I think of the Pro Bowl, I’ve been there and done that.  It’s like being married for 30 years.  Once you’ve been married for so long, (expletive deleted) you get tired of it.  Right (laughter)?  Excuse me.  Excuse my language and for those who are married.  No offense (laughter).  I finally have something else to look forward to for a change.

The thing that keeps Ochocinco from being entirely self-aggrandizing is that he’s actually very complimentary of Revis and wants to go right at him.

I swear to God, I called Coach (Marvin) Lewis from after Sunday’s game to this point at least 20 times.  I asked him the same question, “Coach, please don’t get me excited.  How much are we playing?”  He gave me that little giggle and then  he said, “We’re playing the whole game.  We’re playing to win.”  I said, “OK. Now if you get me excited and you try to pull me out of the game, I’m not coming out.  I will force you to use every time out just to get me off the field.”  That’s what I plan to do.  I’m not coming off the field.  Period.  If Revis is in there, I’m in the game.  I’m not coming out.

Gary Myers tries to shut down Ochocinco in a column about how he won’t escape Revis Island, but even Myers can’t quite muster any enmity. Nor can Fireman Ed:

“Chad is a character. He’s not a bad guy off the field and he’s a hard worker. The guy is great for the NFL. I love him, love him. I wish we had more guys like him. I wish he was a Jet.”

Today in Local Sports Coverage: Which Receiver to Cover