VSL// How well do you *really* know your movies?

Fancy yourself a movie buff? Here’s a quick test: Try your hand at Name that Movie, a site that asks you to identify classic movies by viewing only six stylized drawings per film. Beware; it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Devised by illustrator Paul Rogers, the game features images of iconic but not obvious scenes (and no movie stars) from classics ranging from Chaplin to Tarantino. It’s a brilliant test, almost maddeningly so: There’s really no way to guess unless you’ve seen the movie, and no way to know which movies you missed. But even if you can’t identify some flicks, the art itself is worth seeing. Rogers’s images of torn photographs, tilted fedoras, seedy hotels and parked trains are smartly drawn in pen and black ink, and deftly capture the look and feel of the movies. They make a beautiful tribute to the classics—but it’s up to you to find out which ones!

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