What We Learned From Banned Twitter Passwords

Twitter has a message for would-be users: get it together, fools, and stop making such stupid passwords.

Silicon Alley Insider posted a complete list of 370 passwords now banned on Twitter, along with advice for creating secure passwords (“The harder to remember, the better!”). But once you get past the obvious fool-friendly suspects (“123456,” “abcdef,” “password,” “twitter”), the list becomes interesting less as a cautionary guideline than as a peek into the Tweeting unconscious.

Unsurprisingly, we are boring, vulgar, desperate, self-aggrandizing, sexually preoccupied and weird (“monkey”?). The list includes common first names, cities, sports teams, “bond007,” “butthead,” an assortment of entreaties (“letmein,” “please,” “biteme,” “helpme”), covert vanities (“theman,” “success”), and “mother,” as well as both “nipple” and “nipples.”

There are number of improbably moving entries (“maverick,” “iloveu”), but I think the most poignant is “horney.” What We Learned From Banned Twitter Passwords