When Steve Cohen Talked About His Marriage on TV

The Steve Cohen saga keeps getting stranger.

A week after his ex-wife, Patricia Cohen, filed a bizarre racketeering suit accusing him of insider trading, the Post unearthed a video of the reclusive hedge fund manager on a short-lived talk show, explaining how and why he kept sleeping with Ms. Cohen even after he began dating his current wife, Alex.

This comes a day after Talking Biz News reported that Mr. Cohen killed an investigative story by Reuters’ Matthew Goldstein. 

Goldstein’s story was based on documents, and was approved by Reuters lawyers. After Goldstein contacted Cohen for the pro forma no comment before the story ran, Cohen repeatedly called Devin Wenig, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Markets Division and the No. 2 executive at Thomson Reuters, to complain about the story.

Wenig passed on the complaints to Reuters Editor in Chief David Schlesinger, who asked editors to look into them. Reuters editors debated the story for three days before finally killing it.

Reuters had previously published a long piece pegged to the Galleon case that asked ‘Who’s next?‘ The answer:

Of course, no one knows for sure. But court documents and interviews with many industry sources familiar with the case show that agent Kang may be focusing in on Steven A. Cohen and his $12.9 billion SAC Capital Advisors, L.P.

And all of this intrigue comes on the heels of a salacious lawsuit filed in 2007 that claims one employee of Mr. Cohen’s fund was forced to take female hormones and dress like a woman to satisfy a male supervisor.

  When Steve Cohen Talked About His Marriage on TV