VSL// Are *you* ready to commit virtual suicide?

Isn’t social networking simply exhausting? After all, if you aren’t updating your status on Facebook (or looking at pictures of the baby of a classmate from third grade you haven’t seen in a decade or two), perhaps you’re making connections on LinkedIn, or tweeting. If it all has gotten to be a little much, there’s an easy way to kill your online identity just in time for the new year, thanks to the clever site Web 2.0 Suicide Machine.

The site will clearly and concisely answer all the questions you might have—in fact, we recommend you read the F.A.Q./Learn How It Kills section. (Q: If I kill my online friends, does it mean they’re also dead in real life? A: No!) Currently, the Suicide Machine can help wipe you out of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. But think it over carefully … much like real-life death, once you’ve wiped yourself out, there’s no going back.

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