Yudin: Sarlo should oppose Spicuzzo nomination

Bergen County GOP Chairman Robert Yudin says that State Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-Wood-Ridge) should vote against the nomination of Joseph Spicuzzo to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority when it comes up for a vote by the full Senate. Sarlo voted to release Spicuzzo's nomination last week.

"Gov.-elect Christopher Christie is right on target when he says Spicuzzo is probably the singular most unqualified candidate for the sport authority you could find," Yudin said.

In his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Sarlo chairs, Spicuzzo indicated that he thought the Xanadu project – which is in the Meadowlands in Southern Bergen County — was in Middlesex County, where he is the Democratic County Chairman. He also did not know what the Sports Authority budget was, how many employees it had, or that PSL's were personal seat licenses. Christie has called on Gov. Jon Corzine to withdraw Spicuzzo's nomination.

"Democrats just do not get it," Yudin said. "I urge Senator Sarlo and his fellow Democrats to stop this outrage. The voters have sent a message – listen to it."

Sarlo represents a South Bergen district that includes the Meadowlands, which is operated by the Sports Authority.

Yudin: Sarlo should oppose Spicuzzo nomination