Assembly leaders announce bi-partisan public hearing

The State Assembly will host a bi-partisan public hearing on February 2 to “hear first-hand from New Jerseyans their ideas on fixing and improving the state.” 

“We’re going to be there that day for one reason and one reason only – to listen to New Jerseyans and their ideas,” said Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-East Orange), who called for the forum when she was sworn in on January 12.  “We want to hear what they have in mind when it comes to tackling the problems that face our state. We know the problems, but we know we also work for the public, so we want to hear first-hand their ideas for solutions.”

Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce (R-Parsippany) called the hearing an “excellent example of the democratic process at work.”

“As representatives of the people, it is our responsibility to listen to suggestions on how to make New Jersey a better and more affordable place to live,” DeCroce said. “I am hopeful that our first hearing will generate many common sense solutions to the problems facing our state.”

The hearing will be held at the State House Annex in Trenton from 3-7 PM.  New Jerseyans seeking to testify are being asked to make a reservation by calling the Legislative Budget and Finance Office at 609-292-8030 or by sending an e-mail to Those sending an e-mail should include their name and a phone number.

Assembly leaders announce bi-partisan public hearing