Assembly will consider medical marijuana bill today

The State Assembly, meeting for the final time before the end of the current legislative session, will vote on legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana, the creation of a public school choice program, and a bill to ensure school administrators don’t use taxpayer money to obtain bogus degrees.  The Assembly will also consider legislation to permit some undocumented residents to pay in-state tuition at New Jersey’s public colleges and universities, and a measure to set lower and more uniform fees for copies of official state government documents, boost state revenue by establishing a motor vehicle surcharge amnesty.

If the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act passes, people suffering from conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, seizures, muscle spasms and multiple sclerosis would be protected from arrest, prosecution and penalty.

“I don’t think we should make criminals out of our very sick and terminally ill,” said Gusciora (D-Mercer). “It does not make sense for many of New Jersey’s residents to suffer when there is a viable way to ease their pain. Medical marijuana can alleviate a lot of suffering, and there is no evidence that legalizing it for medical use increases overall drug use.” Assembly will consider medical marijuana bill today