Blog Hop: Shake-Up at Times Local and City Room

The Times is giving CUNY J-school students control of The Local, a community blog covering Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.

Former Local editor Andy Newman will be taking over The Times’ City Room blog. Under Newman there will be some new features on the blog, like regular columns that “delve deeply into the workings of major New York City institutions” and provide “an ambitiously expanded daily look at what the city’s blogosphere is talking about,” The Times said in a press release.

Newman is replacing Times Metro-beast Sewell Chan, who made his name at the paper by being relentlessly prolific (“There’s a lot of great, ambitious, smart reporters in the newsroom,” a Times Metro editor told The Observer in 2006, “but he’s the only reporter I know who actually pitched me a story while I’ve been standing at the urinal in the men’s room”).

Chan will move to a yet-unspecified “new assignment within The Times.”

“There is news today in Local land,” wrote Newman in a post announcing his departure. He reassured readers that they could continue to rely on the blog for the same caliber of coverage they had come to expect.

“Just to dispel any doubts,” he said, “this is not the beginning of the end for The Local, as an entity or as a part of The Times; quite the opposite.”

No word on the fate of “The Fridge.” Blog Hop: Shake-Up at Times Local and City Room