Booker: stop asking me about 2013

TRENTON —  Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who faces reelection in May, says that talk of him running for governor four years from now is “absurd” – especially when it comes on the same day as Gov. Christopher Christie’s swearing in.

“I have heard it a lot.  It’s frustrating to me – number one because I have a very difficult election coming up,” said Booker, who is heavily favored to win reelection against retired municipal Judge Clifford Minor.

“I’ve had no citizen come up and ask me about it.  No politico come up and ask me about it.  Nobody in the Christie administration. Nobody in the Democratic State Party.  It’s the press that’s talking about it,” he said. 

Booker said that there were too many problems to deal with to start looking that far into the future for political office. 

“The reality is we have so much work to get done.  Neither [Christie] nor I will win another office of we don’t meet the challenges before us in the offices that we hold right now.”

Booker: stop asking me about 2013