Byrnes mulls another freeholder run

Middletown Township Committeeman Sean Byrnes, who ran for Monmouth County freeholder last year and lost to John Curley, 70,867 to 109,256 votes, said he has not yet decided whether he intends to run for a seat on the board as the running mate of Freeholder John D’Amico.

“It takes a big chunk out of you, no question,” said Byrnes. “I’d like to, and I thought I would have decided by now, but I haven’t. I told (party members) if i was a wealthy guy, I would do it again. I’ve got two in college now. I’m not trying to gain some political advantage by waiting, but it’s not an insignificant decision.”

An attorney with a Coast Guard officers’ resume who impressed Democrats with his oratorical skills but was buried finally under the Chris Christie tidal wave, admits 2010 could prove to be a better environment in which to run.

But then again, maybe not.

“Certainly back-to-back runs give you a lift, but normally these races are decided by external factors,” said Byrnes. “As a Democrat in Monmouth County, the first prerequisite is that those factors line up to get you close.”

He has an eye on the national debate, of course, and is observing that special U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts tomorrow pitting Democrat Martha Coakley against Republican Scott Brown.

“I’m watching it just like anyone in politics is watching it, but finally my decision is based on my ability to sustain another run from a work perspective and a family perspective,” said Byrnes. “We’ll see whether it’s doable.”

Also at issue is his own township committee seat, which is up this year. If he runs for freeholder, he would be making an all or nothing effort.

On the Republican side, Freeholder Robert Clifton is running for reelection, but to date the GOP has not fixed on a running mate.

Byrnes mulls another freeholder run