Cardinale will attend Donovan kickoff

State Sen. Gerald Cardinale (R-Demarest) says he will attend Kathleen Donovan’s county executive campaign kickoff on Tuesday, but has not yet decided if he will support her.

“I want to listen really carefully to what she says. I’m not committed in any other direction,” said Cardinale, who affirmed that talks with Donovan are “ongoing.”

Still, Cardinale said he could not guarantee that Donovan will secure the Republican Party’s support without any opposition. 

“You don’t 100% know because you have until February 1, when anyone who wants can submit their names.  It’s a Democratic process,” said Cardinale.  “I don’t control the convention. The chairman doesn’t control the convention.  No individual controls the convention.”

A regular Bergen County Republican committee meeting is scheduled immediately after Donovan’s Tuesday night event.  Cardinale said it will be a good opportunity to “get a sense, get a flavor of what is likely to happen.” Cardinale will attend Donovan kickoff