Christie hires Michele Brown as appointments counsel

Governor-elect Christopher Christie has named former First Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele Brown as his appointments counsel.

During the campaign for governor, Brown, a close friend of Christie’s, figured prominently into Democratic attack ads over a $46,000 loan Christie gave her when he was U.S. Attorney that she continued to pay back.  Days after that revelation from NJN – and subsequent reports from the New York Times that Christie failed to pay taxes on the loan income and file it on financial disclosure forms — Brown resigned from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, saying she did not want to “become a distraction.”  In October, the New York Times reported that Brown personally interceded to deal with FOIA requests from the campaign of Gov. Jon Corzine. 

Brown started working at the law firm of McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter in September. 

Christie also announced nine other senior staff members, some of whom have already been introduced.  Five of Christie’s 10 senior staffers served under him in the U.S. Attorney’s Office: Brown, Rosemary Iannacone, who will be director of operations; Jeff Chiesa, who Christie tapped as chief counsel; Kevin O’Dowd, who will be deputy chief counsel; and Deborah Gramiccioni, who has been New Jersey’s Director of the Division of Criminal Justice since 2008 and will become director of the authorities unit. 

Below is the full list of senior staffers:

Rich Bagger, Chief of Staff to the Governor
Maria Comella, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications
Bill Stepien, Deputy Chief of Staff for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs
Wayne Hasenbalg, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Planning
Lou Goetting, Cabinet Secretary
Rosemary Iannacone, Director of Operations
Jeff Chiesa, Chief Counsel to the Governor
Kevin O’Dowd, Deputy Chief Counsel
Michele Brown, Appointments Counsel
Deborah Gramiccioni, Director of the Authorities Unit

Christie hires Michele Brown as appointments counsel