Corzine signs 15 bills

Gov. Jon Corzine signed fifteen bills into law today, but conditionally vetoed the “Jobs, Trade and Democracy Act” co-sponsored by his former running mate, State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck). 

Corzine said he supports the bill’s efforts to establish a role for the Legislature in dealing with international trade agreements, but disagreed that the legislative branch should have any formal role in approving agreements.  He returned the bill to the Legislature, which has the option to agree with the governor’s suggested amendments and vote again. They must do that before noon tomorrow.

Corzine signed the following bills:

S-869/A-3056 (Turner, Sacco/Wisniewski, Prieto, Gusciora) – Permits municipalities to adopt ordinances requiring bond from landlords in certain circumstances.

S-924/A-3791 (Van Drew/Milam, Albano) – Requires DEP to notify coastal municipalities of certain settlement discussions.

S-2502/A-3842 (Singer, T. Kean/McKeon, Cryan, N. Munoz, Evans) – Establishes “New Jersey Lung Cancer Research Fund”; provides for voluntary contributions by taxpayers on gross income tax returns.

S-2765/A-4231 (Rice/Watson Coleman) – Exempts certain HUD certified counseling agencies from licensing and regulation as debt adjusters; revises criminal practice of acting as debt adjuster.

S-2885/A-4089 (Girgenti, Sweeney/Wisniewski, Scalera, Evans) – Makes emergency medical technician certification valid for five years.

SJR-72/AJR-129 (Turner, Bateman/Gusciora, Lampitt) – Designates first week in March of each year as “Technology Innovation Week.”

A-1072/S-480 (Wagner, Voss, Moriarty, Evans, Greenstein/Gordon, Bateman) – Requires prompt parental and staff notification of contaminated soil found on school property.

A-2879/S-2050 (Diegnan, Vas, Chivukula, DeAngelo, Watson Coleman, Lampitt/Sarlo) – Allows certain corporate notices to be provided via electronic transmission.

A-2882/S-2049 (Diegnan, Vas, Milam, Watson Coleman, Lampitt/Sarlo) – Provides one hour and two hour service options for expedited over the counter corporate service requests.

A-3002/S-2518 (Scalera, Lampitt, Vas, Evans/Girgenti, Ruiz) – Requires school security drills to improve emergency preparedness.

A-3338/S-2391 (Giblin, Wisniewski, H. Smith, Evans/Cunningham, Sweeney) – Adds non-voting member of NJT board. 

A-3657/S-2514 (Burzichelli, Green/Sweeney) – Concerns extension of certain local government financial agreements.

A-3990/S-3051 (Cryan, Chivukula/Whelan, Vitale) – Requires health care service firms to file annual cost report with DHS as condition of Medicaid reimbursement.

ACS for A-4227, 4228/SCS for S-3053, 3054 (Wagner, N. Munoz, Voss, Moriarty, Angelini, Stender/Gordon, Vitale) – Prohibits use of electronic smoking devices in indoor public places and sale to minors.

A-4301/S-3076 (Johnson, Spencer, Rodriquez, Evans, Gusciora, Greenstein, Ramon/Girgenti) – Brings State law into conformity with federal law concerning sharing of certain mental health information relating to the purchase and possession of firearms.

Corzine signs 15 bills