Crime Waves: ‘An Unlikely Villain With a Bad Back and Pajama Pants’

Governor Paterson’s 15-year-old son was questioned yesterday after playing dice with friends on the Upper West Side.

The Daily News and the Post both emphasize the stranger’s debit card in Paterson’s possession. The Times says the card had been reported lost, not stolen, which supports Paterson’s claim that he just found it. The Daily News and Post also both mention the possible appearance of racial bias in police conduct: the three teens immediately released were white, while the two detained were black.

Meanwhile, NYPD officer Wilfredo Rosario is on trial for official misconduct and attempted coercion for a 2002 incident in which he caught a high school senior in Riverside Park after hours. His victim testified yesterday that as he wrote up her summons, his questions took a turn for the strange. According to The Times:

The officer, Wilfredo Rosario, asked her if she was “going to make out” with the male friend who accompanied her to the park, she said.

“No,” she said she responded.

Were they “going to have sex?”

“No,” she recalled telling him.

The woman said she was shocked when Officer Rosario then asked her if she would perform oral sex on him. She said that he added that he would throw out her summons if she did.

To buy time, she agreed to meet him at her family’s house the next day. He never showed, but she remained uneasy:

She even took to dyeing her hair different colors so Officer Rosario would not recognize her if he encountered her again.

“Every time I saw an idle car,” she said, “it would always scare me a little bit.”

The Post, notably discreet, writes only that “the officer allegedly demanded a sex act,” and that “the woman stalled him with an empty promise.” However, the paper does refer to Rosario as “sex-fiend.”

The Daily News names the victim as Vanessa Cohen.

Jury selection in the Linda Stein murder trial is back on, reports the Post. It was previously delayed when the defense asked that their client be permitted to wear something besides an orange jumpsuit. The Daily News adds that Stein’s two daughters will be among the prosecution’s 60 or so witnesses, and that the prosecution wants them allowed to observe the entire trial.

And The Times recounts in exhaustive detail the circumstances of Gilberto Sanchez, a Bronx man who leaked Wolverine online last spring. To recap:

– He is physically unpreposessing: “The man who stole Wolverine opened the door to his Bronx apartment with a grunt, his thin frame hunched at the waist, an unlikely villain with a bad back and pajama pants.”

– His apartment is cheap: “In an interview in his $695-a-month apartment in the Parkchester neighborhood, Mr. Sanchez, who was in and out of city jails in the 1990s on drug charges, told his story.”

– Still, he is a discerning consumer of bootleg goods: “At first, he doubted the claim of digital quality, so the peddler popped a copy into a portable player. ‘I said, “Wow,”‘ Mr. Sanchez recalled. He paid $5 and took the disc home.”

– His downfall lay in seeking the approval of strangers online: “After watching it with the grandchildren, he made a copy on his computer and posted it on megaupload, where his screen name is ‘SkillyGilly,’ so others could share in the fun and he could get props in the movie-loving community.”

– He hopes that, given the chance, celebrity victim Hugh Jackman would absolve him of his misdeeds: “He tried to imagine what Mr. Jackman might say to him if they ever met. He hoped it would go something like this: ‘Hey, you did what you did. You didn’t hurt us.'”

Crime Waves: ‘An Unlikely Villain With a Bad Back and Pajama Pants’