Crime Waves: ‘Band of Scammers’

Dominic Carter has agreed to go to jail. Friday his team attempted to delay the 30-day sentence pending an appeal, a request refused by the judge. In light of this development, Carter has determined that it would be best to “put this chapter behind him and immediately move forward with his life and career,” said his lawyer in a statement.

His timing is not without symbolic freight, notes the Post:

Yesterday’s change of heart means that Carter will remain in the Rockland County Jail until Feb. 14 — Valentine’s Day. He must also stay away from his wife for two years unless a psychiatrist assures the judge Carter is no longer a threat to her.

Meanwhile, in the world of con art, a “band of scammers” has been posing as utility workers in order to rob elderly people in the Bronx, a “prince of the mafia” turned born-again Christian is accused of writing bad checks, and a colorful short story involving two brothers who are tailors is playing out on the Upper East Side:

A Queens man who was convicted of torching his uncle’s Upper East Side tailor shop in 2002 is charged with swindling another uncle at the tailor shop that rose from the ashes of the other store.

Artur Avulov, 28, allegedly stole $8,500 from Khaim Avulov, the uncle who hired Artur as a part-time tailor after Artur did four years in Attica for arson.

Khaim hired the nephew who firebombed his brother only to learn a bitter lesson regarding the perils of trust and the relentlessness of man’s inhumanity to man.

And being an asshole with a laser pointer now qualifies as “menacing and weapons possession,” reports the Post:

A fueling-company worker at JFK was arrested yesterday after shining a red laser light into the face of a JetBlue pilot sitting in the cockpit of an airliner preparing for takeoff to San Juan, sources told the Post….

His alleged motive was unclear, but cops do not believe it was terror-related.

Crime Waves: ‘Band of Scammers’