Crime Waves: ‘Ritz Crackers, a Snickers Bar, Three Pouches of Spam Lunch Meat’

Anthony Marshall and Francis Morrissey—convicted swindlers of Brooke Astor—will stay out of jail pending their appeals, a judge ruled yesterday.

The Times recapitulates Marshall’s recent bids for mercy. Last month, for example, his lawyers asked the judge to throw out the larceny charge that carried jail time, which the judge refused to do; later, the defense faulted the judge for ignoring a jury member who said she felt threatened by a fellow juror. Marshall’s team wrote that this was “likely to lead to a reversal on every count.”

But Marshall’s age and delicate condition may remain the strongest arguments in his favor. Reports the Daily News:

According to court papers, Marshall fell in his apartment Christmas Eve and bashed his face against a piece of furniture, sustaining “dramatic bruising” under his eye.

“Where is he going to go? He can’t even get around his own apartment,” a source close to the defense said.

In other legal news of the rich and wronged, the Post reports that jury selection was delayed in the trial of Natavia Lowery, accused of murdering “Realtor to the Stars” and former Ramones manager Linda Stein. Corrections officers brought Lowery to court in an orange prison jumpsuit—”unsuitable” attire, according to her lawyers. She will return tomorrow in civilian clothes.
Notable thefts in today’s news include gym memberships sold spuriously on Craigslist and a string of newsstand hold-ups.
And the Daily News reports on the prison dining habits of “reputed Colombo crime boss” Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli:

On a Nov. 13 commissary trip, Gioeli scooped up Cajun hot snacks, doughnut sticks, six Hershey’s bars with almonds, Honey Nut Scooters, Pringles sour cream and onion chips, Ritz crackers, a Snickers bar, three pouches of Spam lunch meat, six packets of tuna in sauce, five turkey and Swiss sticks, and six packages of Velveeta macaroni and cheese.

Two weeks later, he bought 10 more Hershey’s bars, doughnut sticks, Pringles BBQ and sour cream and onion chips, peanut butter wafers, oatmeal cakes and cream, Vietnamese chili sauce, mayonnaise and five more mac and cheeses.

The U.S. attorney says that Gioeli “continues to consume high-fat foods” and “appears to have a history of eating unhealthy foods.” His lawyers say that the foods were intended as holiday gifts for “less fortunate inmates.”

Crime Waves: ‘Ritz Crackers, a Snickers Bar, Three Pouches of Spam Lunch Meat’