Critical Congressman at Paterson Speech

ALBANY—Several members of New York’s Congressional delegation who have expressed displeasure with David Paterson are here at the Capitol on the day of his speech.

I saw Representatives Scott Murphy and Paul Tonko of the Capital Region, Mike McMahon of Staten Island, Mike Arcuri of Utica, Eric Massa of the Southern Tier and Steve Israel of Long Island. Also present are Jerry Nadler and Greg Meeks. All are Democrats.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” Israel told me. “I just got back from Afghanistan. You know what the difference is between Kabul and Albany? In Kabul they give you body armor.”

Murphy said he wasn’t staying for the speech—starting now—because he has remote towns in his district to visit.

McMahon last year expressed discomfort with Paterson’s presence at the top of the ticket.

Many other members from New York City—including Charlie Rangel, dean of the New York delegation—are at the funeral of Percy Sutton. Critical Congressman at Paterson Speech