Defending Term Limits in N.Y.C., Opposing Term Limits in Albany

When Michael Bloomberg pushed to extend term limits, he got a lot of resistance. Among the those critical of the move were some state lawmakers.

But now, the governor is calling for term limits to be enacted in Albany. Will those state lawmakers who tried to protect term limits in the city embrace term limits for Albany?

Maybe not.

Here’s a statement from Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn, who drafted legislation to preserve term limits in New York City, but doesn’t want to see them in Albany.

“Term limits, particularly with respect to the legislative branch, artificially restricts voter choice and dilutes representative democracy. Consequently, I am generally opposed to terms limits as a well-intentioned but misguided way to enact political reform. That said, where the public has enacted term limits by participating in the referendum process, the will of voters unless otherwise expressed should be respected.”

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for Jeffries objected to my characterization of him as a defender of term limits, or the implication that he was taking a
different position in the city than in Albany. She said Jeffries objected to the way in which city lawmakers went about changing the term limits law. “What he is, is a defender of the will of the people,” she said.

Defending Term Limits in N.Y.C., Opposing Term Limits in Albany