Deitch Faces Obstacles in Transition to L.A.

After last week’s MoCA appointment, Leon Neyfakh analyzed what New York would lose with the departure of Jeffrey Deitch. Today, the LA Times considers what Los Angeles is gaining.

Yes, yes: He is a bold choice that unsettles the art-world status quo. He has skill with wealthy collectors as well as wild artists. He is at once dapper and Harvard-educated and P.T. Barnum-esque. But let’s not forget about one gaping deficiency as he heads to California. Jeffrey Deitch does not drive:

That cliche of the nerdy New Yorker might pick up steam as Deitch settles in L.A. For one, despite growing up in Hartford, Conn., where he sometimes delivered fuel for the family heating-oil company, he has not driven a car in 40 years. In New York and visiting shows around the country, he relied on assistants, mostly well-dressed female art-school graduates, to advise and escort him. Jeanne Greenberg, who once served in that role and is now a prominent Upper East Side gallery owner herself, said she doubts Deitch will get behind a wheel.

“The wonderful thing about Jeffrey is that he’ll end up having young people drive him around and learn more about L.A. through their eyes,” she said. “His whole life, when I worked with him, was what we did. He was always looking for a new view.”

Have fun on 101!

Deitch Faces Obstacles in Transition to L.A.