Elsewhere: Ford Shifts on Abortion, Fights Bullies

Harold Ford Jr. rubs elbows with team Bloomberg (a.k.a. Tusk, Inc.) [clarified].

Ford is also standing up for abortion rights, now.

Ford’s spokesman talks tough about not being “bullied.”

Greg Sargent: “Ford would rally liberals and women against him.”

Campaign Diaries: “[A] quick look at his record reveals just how far to the right Ford is compared to Democrats nationally, let alone relatively to one of the country’s most reliably left-wing Democratic electorates.”

NARAL uses Ford’s words against him.

Ford will decide whether to run in about six weeks.

Josh Orton is tired of Ford-news.

Irene Liu departs.

Vito Lopez said: “The ‘boss’ issue didn’t resonate that well,” in Steve Levin’s campaign.

Bill de Blasio: “[W]e essentially end up subsidizing some owners of big businesses to mistreat workers.”

In the comments section, Gene Russianoff defends Jimmy Vacca as Transportation Chair.

Ben Fried notes Vacca is from “the most suburban part of the Bronx.”

Mike McMahon wants federal money for the terrorism trials.

There’s trouble with Stuy-Town.

And pictured above is Ford in Denver, from Sandy Leidholdt’s photostream.

Elsewhere: Ford Shifts on Abortion, Fights Bullies