Elsewhere: Ford Speaks, Weiner Doubts

Harold Ford Jr. talks carefully with the New York Post. “Ford aides insisted on ground rules where specific questions on policy and some on politics were asked.”

Calderone says it’s “strange” Ford is now “press-shy.”

Kirsten Gilibrand hung out with one-time potential challenger Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

Paterson’s budget increased spending 0.6 percent over last year.

Paterson wants a $1 billion cut in school aid and another $1 billion cut from health care.

Michael Bloomberg said some cuts appear “neither proportional nor fair to New York City.”

Kruger predicts “significant restorations.”

Paterson also wants $1 billion more in taxes.

New York’s financial sector will pay $64.2 billion in bonuses.

Vielkind gets a dictionary to understand Patersonspeak.

A Democratic vice chairman says the party needs to talk with Andrew Cuomo about running for governor.

Bill de De Blasio and Ford lunched.

The Buffalo News wants Hiram Monserrate gone.

Brian Foley explains why he wants Monserrate out.

Eric Schneiderman posted video of him discussing the Monserrate report.

John Sampson does a P.S.A. for Haiti.

And Anthony Weiner said he hasn’t heard a rationale for Ford’s candidacy, and jokingly threatened to run for a seat in Tennessee and get “my twang on.”

Elsewhere: Ford Speaks, Weiner Doubts