Elsewhere: Hello 2010

That email wasn’t really sent from Kirsten Gillibrand’s blackberry.

Tom DiNapoli audits Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Hawkins makes his escape.

L. Joy Mitchell said 2009 was a learning experience.

Juanita Scarlett doesn’t join John Liu’s administration, but Andrew Cuomo’s.

Sheldon Silver doesn’t oppose the city taking over Governor’s Island.

Bloomberg’s speechwriter talks about nonpartisan elections.

Neal Kwatra says to look for “who will provide the substantive prescriptions for what ails our city, not just carping from a more prominent soapbox.”

The ethnic press rides John Liu’s coattails.

Lucy Liu meets John Liu.

Eric Kuo notes it’s already 2010 in some places.

And pictured above is Bloomberg aide Jason Post literally, and figuratively, closing the book on today’s historic events.

Elsewhere: Hello 2010