Elsewhere: Jockeying for Chairs

The Empire Center has a plan to make New York better.

There’s talk Michael Bloomberg may buy The Financial Times.

New York City was more popular than Orlando, Florida.

Fox picks up the Post story about the heroin fliers the city is printing.

Ben Fried keeps his eye on the transportation committee chairmanship.

This year’s census will be the shortest ever.

Morgan Freeman gets involved with the news.

A woman notes that the bar for constituent service has been raised, thanks to Cory Booker and his shovel.

Lew Fidler still wants the job of finance chair.

In exchange for health care reform, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus wants immigration reform.

David Paterson goes populist.

Sewell Chan: I’m in Utica! There are buildings here that are actually pretty. Did you know that trains still come here?

Andrew Hawkins clocks the timing of Paterson and Cuomo fund-raising emails.

On the inaugurations, Gabe Pressman says “how Mayor Bloomberg reacts to this pressure will be interesting to see.”

Wayne Barrett keeps tabs on the Gang of Four.

Sue Savage for something.

One of the man-cave guys is going to jail.

And below, a recap of this week’s New York NOW: Elsewhere: Jockeying for Chairs