Elsewhere: Moving a Trial, Running for Mayor


Don’t forget to watch that other speech tonight.

Chuck Schumer may move up in the pecking order.

Schumer “may let” Kirsten Gilibrand vote against confirming Ben Bernake, speculates the Washington Examiner.

Harold Ford talks to Brooklyn Democrats on Friday.

Ford versus Gllibrand is “increasingly bizarre” says Ben Meussig.

This blogger thinks Ford’s ties to BoFA’s oil deal in Uganda may be problematic.

Another potential G.O.P. Senate candidate: Brian Kolb.

Kleinheider disagrees with Ford about whether Obama can successfully move right.

Now Bloomberg wants the terrorism trial out of here.

NBC notes Bloomberg’s turnaround.

Overall, Bloomberg gives Obama a “high grade.”

Scott Stringer is running for mayor, and hired Tom Kramer for that finance job he was advertising for.

Paterson for horses.

Democrat and Chronicle: “Paterson didn’t fully answer questions of how he can achieve his agenda.”

Buffalo News says Ed Cox is “warming” to Rick Lazio.

Liz Benjamin is more skeptical.

Reuters notices Bill de Blasio’s call for corporate disclosure.

Mike Long likes Larry Kudlow.

Mike Den Dekker “attacked the governor” on school cuts, according to the Western Queens Gazette.

What hiring freeze?

And here’s the Daily Show’s take on the terror trial slated to be held in New York. “I think the people who are getting mad are ill-informed,” said former federal prosecutor David Kelly.


Elsewhere: Moving a Trial, Running for Mayor