Elsewhere: Sharpton Hosts, Ford Writes, Espada Explains

Harold Ford Jr., tweets.

He also has a book due out later this year, notes Sara Kugler.

Eric Boehlert: “[W]hat better way to reach NY Dems than via NY Post op-ed page?”

Salon notes Ford lived in New York for years before registering to vote here.

Randy Mastro is dragging Dan Cantor and Bill Lipton to court tomorrow.

Queerty gets used to the idea of a Ford candidacy.

Chris Cillizza imagines how Ford could win: anti-incumbency, Gillibrand flip-flops like

Ford flip-flops, and money from Steven Rattner and Maureen White.

Al Sharpton will host Gilibrand and Ford on Monday.

Jimmy Vielkind has video of David Paterson’s flip on Ford.

Andrew Cuomo sticks by his support of primaries.

Joe Trippi hopes Ford runs. “[T]he same arguments being made today to stop Harold Ford Jr. resemble many of the arguments made against Barack Obama before he entered the race for President.”

Paterson, snubbed.

Bill Thompson, private.

Pedro Espada: “We cannot establish blame games.” Also, Paterson’s speech was “short on strategy.”

State senators could choose to censure or expel Hiram Monserrate, according to the A.P.

Republican State Senator Cathy Young said state lawmakers voted against tax hikes but “unfortunately, New York City pushed it through.” And “I think that it’s really hurt the economy, set us further behind.”

See what happens when you try to impress Hillary Clinton.

And here’s Espada, discussing charter schools.


Elsewhere: Sharpton Hosts, Ford Writes, Espada Explains