Failure is Not an Option

On January 11th New Jersey’s 213th Legislature ended its session, followed the next day by the commencement of the 214th Legislature, with newly elected officials being sworn into office, including myself.  One week later, our state welcomed its new Governor, Chris Christie, to assume leadership of the Garden State.  I am honored to be one of only three state legislators who can call Governor Christie my constituent.

It is not going too far out on a limb to say things will not be the same in Trenton.  While some fear change, oftentimes it is necessary in order to move forward.  Our state is facing many problems, not the least of which is a fiscal crisis that must be our top priority.

One of the consistent themes in Governor Christie’s inaugural speech was that change was upon us and if New Jersey is to overcome its problems, a different approach would be required.  The new Governor’s address was enthusiastic and full of optimism, while also refreshingly honest.  His remarks were candid, and his pledge to work with both political parties gave an air of hope that is embraced by all the people of New Jersey.

There will surely be disagreements across the aisle, but our focus must be on finding solutions that make New Jersey an affordable place to live.  Not only does Governor Christie bring fresh ideas to the Governor’s office, but also the determination and resolve to achieve his goals.

I, too, share the same goals as our new Governor.  I am eager to get to work on improving the way of life for the people of our state.  We face enormous challenges, but not insurmountable ones.  Pointing the finger of blame will not fix our problems.  We must put forth our best common sense ideas and search for common ground.

Governor Christie recognizes he does not have all the answers, but is ready to consider and embrace solutions that reform state government and make it less of a burden on taxpayers.

During his first full day in office, Governor Christie signed eight executive orders which addressed issues such as improving our state’s business climate, creating more transparency in government and leveling the playing field regarding political contributions.  These are promises he made last fall and he has kept true to his word.

It is my goal as a new legislator to work with Governor Christie and the Legislature by offering my common sense ideas on how to reform government in such a way that improves the quality of life in our state.   With the leadership our new governor will provide, I am confident that we shall have the wherewithal to solve the problems that face our state.  Failure is not an option.

Failure is Not an Option