Ford In the College Paper

This conservative blogger said he went to U Penn with Harold Ford Jr. and that his writings in the college newspaper were, um, controversial. That was enough to spark my interest in seeing what Ford’s college newspaper might have said about him while they covered him as a politician in Tennessee.

So, I went to the Daily Pennsylvanian and plugged Ford’s name into the search bar, and here’s what I found.

While a student, Ford wrote about Martin Luther King and social change in American. “Dr. King realized that money moved America — not dreams alone.”

He also said African-Americans needed to consider alternatives to the Democratic Party, writing, “We must venture into the Republican Party.” 

In front of a “mostly-black crowd” in Mason, Tenn. during his Senate race, a college reporter noted: “He repeatedly made sure to inform these potential voters of his views against gay marriage and in support of school prayer.”

And while at Penn, “Ford co-founded The Vision, the University’s independent black student newspaper.”

I’m told by alumni that The Vision is not online. So, if you have a copy, email me!


Ford In the College Paper